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Lot’s of stuff going on, must be Classic Time!

First off, big 20% off sale at Bass Tackle Depot ends at midnight tonight – check out sale here!

Also, Bass Factory Forums area taking off and every time you post, you got a chance to be the weekly tackle winner!

If you can’t find what you need, I will be loading my Bass

up with lots of stuff this weekend, got to make room for all the stuff I bought a for-mentioned sale, LOL!

Read about how Classic (Edwin Evers, Ryan Said,  & other) anglers are getting stuck in the cold water at the delta, not much fishing the first day for some anglers.

Clark Reehm tweeted water temps only in high 40’s right now, don’t think we have to worry about a spawn tournament at this point.

On a lighter note, KVD is supplementing his income with some magic cookie this week, check out this video .

Plenty of other funny Bassmaster Classic Promos on that YouTube Channel.  

Also, join my Fantasy Fishing League, will be doing prizes again this year.  Here is link to my group.  Also if you need help, picking your fantasy fishing team, listen to picks from Mark Zone, Dave Mercer & myself, oh yeah, Greg Huff too….  Links to Podcast here or here!

Look for lots of more blogging from me this week, I just really get into the CLASSIC!

Bassmaster Classic Pregame Show Part 1

Prepping for the Bassmaster Classic, there are kinds of great article, videos and more on the web right now.  So I am going to share a few of the highlights.

If you are playing the new BASS Fantasy Fishing Game, with the new 5 tier angler system, you are going to need some dark horse picks to fill these buckets.  Couple ideas for ya….   Look no farther then the 2010 Bassmaster Weekend Series champion, read how Ryan McMurtury recently won the Bassmaster Weekend Series South Carolina opener, held Jan. 29, 2011, on Lake Murray.  He is obviously fishing well and with a lot of confidence right now and that should never be overlooked.

Not to be outdone, Federation Nation champ Brandon Palaniuk has spending a lot of time pre-practicing for the Classic.  Check out his video interview posted on Bass Parade .  After all, he won his Championship up state for on the Red River.   Could we revisit the magic of the great Bryan Kerchal?

Lastly, check out this super sweet breakdown by Greg Hackney on the Louisiana Delta Classic!

Sure sounds like it will be a Classic for the ages!

Anybody else got some good tidbits to share?

Almost Classic Time

After watching coverage of Gerald Swindles big Bassmaster Southern Open on Lake Toho, I get more and more anxious to do some fishing and for the the two big tours to get started.  That also means the start of Fantasy Fishing!  Oh yeah, G-Man is the first qualifier for the 2012 Bassmaster Classic as of now.

Fifty of the world’s top anglers will compete for the title of
Bassmaster Classic champion on the Louisiana Delta, Feb. 18-20, 2011.  The timing of this Classic could not be much better for the area, it will showcase how great the fishery is, despite the huge oil spill this past summer.  Here is a great article, highlighting how B.A.S.S. has partnered to help preserve and restore the Delta and surrounding areas
has found a way to make the classic work out in the fish’s advantage,
too. They’ve partnered up with the Louisiana Wildlife Federation (LWF)
and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) in campaigns to promote the
restoration and protection of Louisiana’s imperiled coastal wetlands
and reconnect the Mississippi River to its delta.

So taking a look at the 2011 Bassmaster Classic field below, I think it will be a super exciting Classic and some big bags should be weighed.  The Delta being such a huge playing field, I actually think this opens things up and almost anyone could win.  The more expansive the fishery, the more likely anyone could come a across a giant pod of untouched fish and have that all to themselves.

I will come up with some picks as we get closer to the event and Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing is open.  Here is the full field, with qualification method, home state, classics participated in.

Defending Champion (1)

Name (No. of Classics)
Kevin VanDam (21)
Home state

Bassmaster Elite Series (36)

Name (No. of Classics)
Edwin Evers (10)
Skeet Reese (12)
Terry Butcher (2)
Aaron Martens (12)
Cliff Pace (4)
Russ Lane (4)
Greg Hackney (9)
Tommy Biffle (17)
Gary Klein (29)
Derek Remitz (3)
John Crews (5)
Brian Snowden (5)
Mark Davis (15)
Mike McClelland (8)
Todd Faircloth (9)
Scott Rook (8)
Morizo Shimizu (1)
Matt Herren (3)
Bill Lowen (3)
Stephen Browning (7)
Michael Iaconelli (12)
Dave Wolak (5)
Shaw Grigsby (13)
Boyd Duckett (5)
Bobby Lane (4)
Jeff Kriet (7)
Gerald Swindle (11)
Jason Williamson (1)
Greg Vinson (1)
Steve Kennedy (5)
Dean Rojas (9)
Brent Chapman (10)
Kevin Wirth (12)
Kelly Jordon (9)
Terry Scroggins (8)
Paul Elias (15)
Home state

Southern Opens (2)

Name (No. of Classics)
Randall Tharp (1)
Andy Montgomery (1)
Home state

Central Opens (2)

Name (No. of Classics)
Keith Combs (1)
Clark Reehm (2)
Home state

Northern Opens (2)

Name (No. of Classics)
Ryan Said (1)
Tracy Adams (1)
Home state

Federation Nation (6)

Name (No. of Classics)
Brandon Palaniuk (1)
George Crain (1)
Dale Hightower (1)
Brian LaClair (1)
Sean Alvarez (1)
David Watson (1)
Home state

Weekend Series (1)

Name (No. of Classics)
Ryan McMurtury (1)
Home state

Trying to stay warm

As I type this entry, it is -6 degrees actual temperature, on it’s way to -13.  So if this entry ends abruptly, its me hitting “Publish” with my last ounce of energy as the cold takes over.

As you can imagine, not a lot of fishing as of late for this guy, so what I have I been up to?  Well, doing a little orginization of fishing gear, listing some stuff on ebay , trying to do more blogging here and on, day dreaming of a trip to a warmer fishing destination .  Also, doing lots of reading of articles on the internet.

Here is a nice little piece on Cold Front Bass Fishing that I found on  If I am not in a cold front, then I don’t what a cold front is……

G-Man flat caught them today at the Big O for the first BASS Southern Open today!
Gerald Swindle

I’m feeling a bit inspired right now, I think its the start of both major tours, the Bassmasters Classic and Fantasy Fishing all getting fired up real soon.  That is, if I don’t freeze to death….


BASS Unveils Qualifying Structure for 2012 Bassmaster Classic, Elite Series

BASS announced Monday a new qualifying structure for the 2012 BassmasterClassic and Bassmaster Elite Series, expanding the Classic field toinclude an enhanced cross section of anglers and putting an increasedemphasis on performance in single events.
My comments and thoughts highlighted in red below where I have a take.

While the overall number of Classic spots (36) awarded through the EliteSeries will remain unchanged, in 2011 each Bassmaster Elite Seriesregular-season event winner will receive an automatic berth into the2012 Classic. The Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year standingswill still determine the majority of the Classic qualifiers as the top28 in those rankings will also advance to the Classic.
All the more reason to fish for the Win, guys like Kevin Short wished this rule would’ve been in effect for this year.  I like this twist!

Following the Elite format, each of the nine Open event winners willreceive automatic spots in the 2012 Classic. With each pro-level eventwinner receiving a Classic berth, BASS has upped the cache of the BassPro Shops Bassmaster Opens by allocating nine Classic berths, up fromsix, to the Series. The traditional points system used in the Opens willonly determine future Elite Series qualifiers and will have no bearingon Classic berths.
Not sure, if I am all behind this, but could increase participation, since you are never out of it and could increase jack-potting by locals at events.  I kind of like rewarding the best over 3 total events, but I can live with it.

The Classic field will increase to 54 – assuming all competitors are ingood standing – clearing the way for a guaranteed entry for the 2011College Bass Champion. The entire qualifying structure, for both theElites and the Classic, can be found below.
I think a few more anglers is good, as long as they don’t get too much larger, if its 75 anglers in a few year, loses prestige.

Providing a dedicated avenue for the College Bass Champion, again to beheld in Little Rock, AR, in 2011 and aired on ESPNU, will enhance theprofile of college bass fishing and represent an added, youth componentto the Classic. There are currently 220 colleges registered to competeto qualify for the 2011 College Championship. The qualification processfor college anglers can be found at
Good for the sport, although, not sure how “qualified” these anglers are, guess we will see how they fair in Classic.  Wonder if any pros, will return to school to fish????

The defending Classic champion will automatically qualify as in yearspast. Additionally, six Federation Nation anglers will continue toqualify as well as the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Weekend Series Championoperated by American Bass Anglers. In the case of double-qualifiers,BASS will work down the Elite Series AOY list.
Good to see Federation Nation spots did not get trimmed

The 2011 Classic and Elite Series qualifying implications will remain aspreviously released. In 2012, the Elite Series field will encompass 90competitors. BASS has a renewed emphasis on restricting the Elites tosmaller fields, putting more focus on individual anglers and creatingincreased brand-building opportunities for the best anglers in theworld.
Like it!

As such, the 2011 Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year standingswill advance 73 anglers into the 2012 Elite Series. The top five inpoints standings in each of the three Open Series will also receive 2012Elite qualifying berths and if any of those competitors decline, BASSwill work down the Open standings to fill the five berths.Additionally, the 2012 Bassmaster Classic champion and the 2011Federation Nation Champion can elect to fish the Elites. Alldouble-qualifiers will work down the Elite Series AOY standings.

As BASS previously laid out, only active Elite anglers have threeexemptions – former Bassmaster Classic champions, former Toyota TundraBassmaster Angler of the Year winners and anglers with 10 or moreClassic experiences – that can be applied if an angler fails to qualifythrough the outlined avenues.

With the revamp of the qualifying structure, the 2011 Bass Pro ShopsBassmaster Open payout has also been revised. In addition to theClassic qualifying berth, the winner of each event will receive $10,000and a $45,000 boat package. The total prize package – including theClassic berth – reflects the prestige of scoring an Open victory.
I have heard some griping here, some guys want an all cash prize, but if sponsors are contributing boats, that is great for sport, also the winners will get an automatic $10k just for showing up to Bassmaster Classic, plus with that automatic berth and publicity, they should be able to convert that to additional cash.

Each event will pay through 40th place with a more even distributiontowards the lower rung. Additionally, with the allure of increasedClassic berths, the potential of sustained full fields throughout eachdivision increases.
This is good, and I think is direct correlation to boat for winner, better for more guys to make money at sport.

Entry fees will be slightly upped – $1,250 per event on theprofessional side and $350 per event on the co-angler side — but BASShas raised the stakes for Open anglers.

The Opens will only feature the top-12 pros and co-anglers on the finalday of competition, which at each event will be held at a convenientlylocated Bass Pro Shops.
LIKE IT!!!  Now they just need to open that new Bass Pro Shops by Mall of America in Bloomington, MN

2012 Bassmaster Classic qualifications:

2011 Bassmaster Toyota Tundra AOY Standings 28
2011 Bassmaster Elite Series Regular-Season Event Winners 8
2011 Bassmaster Classic Champion 1
2011 Bassmaster Southern Opens Event Winners 3
2011 Bassmaster Central Opens Event Winners 3
2011 Bassmaster Northern Opens Event Winners 3
2011 BASS Federation Nation Qualifiers 6
2011 Bassmaster Weekend Series Champion 1
2011 Bassmaster College Bass Champion 1

* Bassmaster Elite Series regular-season winners must compete in all2011 Elite competition days to be eligible for Classic berth
** Bassmaster Open event champions must compete in entire respective Open Series division to receive Classic berth
*** Defending Bassmaster Classic champion must compete in all Elite Series events to receive Classic berth

2012 Bassmaster Elite Series qualifications

2011 Bassmaster Elite Series Toyota Tundra Bassmaster AOY Standings 73
2011 Bassmaster Southern Opens Points Standings 5
2011 Bassmaster Central Opens Points Standings 5
2011 Bassmaster Northern Opens Points Standings 5
2012 Bassmaster Classic Champion 1
2011 BASS Federation Nation Champion 1

* Exemptions include former Bassmaster Classic champions, AOY titleholders and anglers with 10 or more Classic appearances as of March 1,2011. Must be an Elite angler in good standing to use.

1996 Lake Minnetonka Bassmasters Top 100 Videos

With the Minnesota State Bass Tournament of Champions coming up in just a few weeks, I got a bit of Tonka on the brain.  So I thought it would be fun to share these old videos from TNN Outdoors.  These videos are from Bassmasters Top 100 1996 on Lake Minnetonka where David Fritts won cranking deep.  You can also see videos I posted from 1995 tourney here.

Mike Auten gets a bunch of face time in this video, Pete Cherkas wins the amateur title and several well known Minnesota anglers make cameos.

Full television show is broken into 3 YouTube clips.

Hope you enjoy watching these videos, if you like these types of videos, check out my YouTube channel – 


Crazy Happenings in Bass Fishing

I was all prepared and inspired to document all the things happening in bass fishing right now, but then the guys at Wired2Fish did such a damn good job , I am going to give you a link there , do a little summary and get to bed early!  So read W2F’s blog and see my editorials below:

Triton, Stratos & Ranger boats all under same roof and ownership, good or bad, too ealry to tell.  I see it can go 2 ways, either they use their clout and huge market share to control the price and make bass boats even more expensive for all of us or they use their economies of scale and give us all better products for a better price.  Also, interesting to see what changes they make to Pro-Staff and tournament circuits they sponsor.

KVD is a beast, but I cannot yet dieceide if I like the Post-Seaon format or not, what do you think?  Leave a comment, I think I kind of feel for Skeet.

I think McKInnis leading BASS forward will be a pretty good thing for all bass anglers, it will be great to have the right passion and knowledge leading the organization going forward.

I look for Bryan Thrift or Brent Ehrler to put the crown jewel on one of their awesome seasons!

Good night and see you on Tonka this weekend!

2011 Bassmasters Elite Series Tour Schedule

BASS recently released their 2011 Elite Series Bassmasters Schedule:

2011 BassmasterElite Series Schedule

March 10-13
March 17-20
April 6-9*
April 14-17
May 5-8
May 12-15
June 9-12
June 16-19
Sunshine Showdown
Citrus Slam
Alabama Charge
Battle on the Bayou
Pride of Georgia
Carolina Clash
Diamond Drive
Dixie Duel
Harris Chain
St. Johns River
Pickwick Lake
Toledo Bend
West Point Lake
Lake Murray
Arkansas River
Wheeler Lake
Host City
Tavares, FL
Palatka, FL
Florence, AL
Many, LA
LaGrange, GA
Columbia, SC
Little Rock, AR
Decatur, AL

*Wednesday-Saturday event

The Florida whiners will be happy, Pickwick should be a sight fishing event.  Toledo Bend and West Point should be good as first time Elite events.  I actually fished West Point awhile back, interested to see the Pros there.  Interestingly enough no Kentucky, Guntersville or West Texas fisheries, good to see they mix it up a little, but once again the lack of Northern venues is a major Buzz Kill!

Sooner Run Fantasy Picks?

Well here is a great interview with Mark Zona about Sooner Run Bassmaster elite series picks for Arkansas river.

Hope you enjoyed the listen, as just a few hours ago, BASS moved this event to Fort Gibson lake just up the road because of high dangerous waters.  So 1 day of practice on Fort Gibson and it’s go time!
So now I go with:
Skeet & KVD because nobody fishes faster, better and reads conditions better than these two
Edwin Evers has some BFL experience here and some good finishes, plus he is fishing hot
Biffle because he lives across the street
Butcher, same reasons as Evers

Well, good luck to all the Elites and your fantasy rosters, but I think the best pure fishermen will rise to the top on this one!

Love the alliteration of Pickwick Picks

Well, just finish a long night of garage cleaning.  My boat will be spoiled this season with how good the garage is looking!  Not a lot of time to the deadline, but here are my Fantasy Picks for Pickwick:
Greg Vinson

To hear the how and why behind each pick and hear Greg Huff’s picks (use these as guidelines of who not to pick….  )  Take a listen to the following Podcast!

We have hit 111 email subscribers on the Bassin” Blog and several hundred to the Twin City Limit podcasts, most on iTunes!  Well that is about it for now!

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