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Santee Cooper – The Big Bass Parade Continues

Just when you think, the Elite Series cannot get any better…..

Preston Clark blows up for almost 40lbs on Day 1 of the competition.  He even reports passing on 7-8lb fish on beds because he did not think they would help him much and he wanted to save them.  He even came to the dock 45 minutes early, to ensure the safety of his fish.  Preston Clark would only need to average about 23 and a half pounds per day to catch Rojas’ mark of 108-12.


Amazing as the 39-06 that Clark brought to the scales, is that two anglers zeroed.  How is that possible?  If you ask me; that is just plain stubbornness when there are that many fish weighed and you take a zero.


Alton Jones DQ’d as well.  Not a lot of detail at this point, but it seems to be a similar violation to that of KVD.  The difference being that he had his son on the front deck looking for fish while he drove the boat.  Alton’s Statement.


It is quite amazing how BASS has been able to line up these lakes and hit them so well.  Good planning and a little good fortune go along way.  Most of the pro’s do not think it will