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Minnetonka Club Tournaments this Weeked & more…..

I have two club tournaments this weekend on Minnetonka, Saturday we launch from the west side and the east side on Sunday.  I have been not been out on Tonka since July 4th and before that it was probably May last year.  It will be interesting as neither of my partners have been out there, so we will just have to wing it a bit.  I am hoping to do well enough this weekend to lock up a spot on next year’s State TOC team without fishing the last two club tournaments on Pokegama.  Look for tournaments report early next week!

Last Sunday I spent some time on Pokegama, fished all new water, caught a few nice fish, not sure it is anything I will use in the Weekend Series tournament, so hind sight, I wish I would have went to Tonka that day instead. 

If you have not been to Bass Fishing the Midwest to check out my Podcast, you can now listen to it here.

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More Bass Fishing Radio with Me

Hey all,

Added a podcast feature, just click on the play button.

Another online fishing radio show that I did has recently been released.  It is a feature on Catch’ Radio
Check it out on Catch’

If you liked the other show at all, this one is a little longer and spends more time on specific lures and techniques, I think it is a better show with more info.  Here is the link again:

or if you prefer to download the show directly – – careful it is a long show

Hope you enjoy & feedback is welcome….

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Rich Lindgren on Outdoors This Week – PlayBack

I am trying to add a podcast directly into this post, so bear with me.

In case you are interested and could not find the playback info at the bottom of the original post, I decided to create a new post for you to download the file.  Follow this link & it should work –

For those that prefer MP3 file format, the following link has been added –
Should work well for iPods and other MP3 players

I would love to hear some feedback on the show or how well or not the file loaded for you if you tried to load it.

As bonus coverage, I have two more bass fishing segments from Marcia Rubin’s (a.k.a. Reel Lady) portion of the show that followed mine.  Marcia will be fishing her second season on the Women’s Bass Tour this year.
Segment 1
Segment 2

You should be able to click on any of these links or right click and ‘Save Target As’ to download the .wav file to your computer.

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