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Clear Lake BASS Fantasy Fishing Picks

I am sticking with Skeet & KVD for my A Group this week, Skeet should do great on Clear and KVD had a pretty mediocre showing, so he should be good to go on Clear.  Looking for Velvcik to have a solid tourney as well and I am officially on the Squirrel train, let’s go Jeff Kriet.  Lastly I’m going with Jared Linter as well, I know he had a close call on the interstate and wrecked his boat, but I look for him to rise like a Phoenix from the flames!

Catch the rest of the detail from our live radio show this past Saturday on the Podast below.   Reviewing the Delta and previewing Clear Lake!  Even a fishing story about Derek Remitz….

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My California Delta Fantasy Fishing Picks

It is late, I am tired, so we will keep this short and sweet!
I am going with Skeet, KVD, Boom Boom Roumbanis, Bobby Lane & ISH!!! 

If you want my logic and the details, take a listen to these Man v Bass podcasts,

Part 1 – Great interview with Ish Monroe and first half of picks

Part 2 end of picks plus get Jeff Kriet’s thoughts on the DELTA! 

Drop a comment and let m know what you think of the podcasts.
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The Bass Closer and other stuff

This past weekend was the end of the MN bass season and I could not resist the last chance for some open water largemouth fishing.  I am glad I could not resist, because the fishing was unbelievably good. we honestly caught too many to count, so here are a few pictures of just a few fish we snapped photos of.

Me then Huff, who’ is bigger?

Love them Tru-Tungsten Jigs

5″ Tru-:Life Bluegill Swimbait getting some love from the green fish

We also did some filming for “All About Bass’ and soon there will be some teaser videos, much like this one from earlier this winter.

I also realized I completely forgot to post my FLW Fantasy Fishing lineup for Table Rock Lake, but listen to our preview and picks here.

The more I type, the more I realize how behind I am on the blog, but that is partly because i have been doing quite a bit more writing for the “Bassin’ Insider Blog” for Versus Network. Check it out, it is all original stuff out on Bassin’ Insider.   Not to mention selling a fair amount of fishing stuff on eBay, check it out! 

One last thing, I will be doing a Spring Bass Fishing Seminar at the Cabela’s in Rogers, MN on March 6th, 10am, and will be hanging out in the fishing department most of the day, stop by and say HI!


Bassmaster Classic Day 1 Summary

All in all, the fishing for the top 30% of the field was pretty good, much better then pre-practice reports would lead you to believe.  To keep it simple, seems jigs & lipless cranks were the main deal on day 1.  Many of the leaders fished in Beeswax creek.  The online interenet coverage has been very good again this year.  KVD is still the man, we should not be suprised that he whacked nearly 20lbs!

Big bass of Day 1 was a 6-9 behmoth boated by Ike, that is really the only thing that kept him in contention, lets see if he can do it again.  Even though I did not pick Jeff Kriet, I am excited to see him near the top, I am officially pulling for him now.   Kriet seems to be catching them again today, so should be another fun weigh-in today.

Check out these podcasts from a Special Bassmaster Classic Edition of Twin City Limits.
Segment 1

Segment 2

Also, below is the top 15 anglers, I think once you drop below 13lbs, those anglers are kind of out of the race, but we will see.  My gues somewhere between 16-17lbs to make Day 3 cut.

Day 1 Standings

1. Kevin VanDam — Kalamazoo, Mich. — 5, 19-08
Day 1: 5, 19-08

2. Todd Faircloth — Jasper, Texas — 5, 18-02
Day 1: 5, 18-02

3. Jeff Kriet — Ardmore, Okla. — 5, 16-07
Day 1: 5, 16-07

4. Cliff Pace — Petal, Miss. — 5, 16-03
Day 1: 5, 16-03

5. Takahiro Omori — Emory, Texas — 5, 15-07
Day 1: 5, 15-07

6. Billy McCaghren — Mayflower, Ark. — 5, 15-04
Day 1: 5, 15-04

7. Michael Iaconelli — Pittsgrove, N.J. — 5, 14-09
Day 1: 5, 14-09

8. Tommy Biffle — Wagoner, Okla. — 5, 14-03
Day 1: 5, 14-03

9. Russ Lane — Prattville, Ala. — 5, 14-01
Day 1: 5, 14-01

10. James Niggemeyer — Van, Texas — 5, 13-03
Day 1: 5, 13-03

11. Brent Chapman — Lake Quivira, Kan. — 5, 13-00
Day 1: 5, 13-00

11. Terry Scroggins — San Mateo, Fla. — 5, 13-00
Day 1: 5, 13-00

13. Gerald Swindle — Warrior, Ala. — 5, 10-08
Day 1: 5, 10-08

14. Kotaro Kiriyama — Moody, Ala. — 5, 10-03
Day 1: 5, 10-03

15. Byron Velvick — Del Rio, Texas — 5, 10-00
Day 1: 5, 10-00

My Lay Lake Classic Fantasy Picks

Time is running out to get your lineup set for 2010 Bassmasters Classic, so here are my picks!

Group A                            Season Totals

SLOT PLAYERS Top 75 Top 50 Top 12 Win Caught Tot. Catch PTS RANK %OWN
A Skeet Reese  Auburn, CA 9 9 5 0 146 494 lb, 13 oz 2348 1 54.6
A Kevin VanDam  Kalamazoo, MI 9 9 4 1 139 464 lb, 3 oz 2248 2 70.6
Group B
Season Totals
PLAYER Top 75 Top 50 Top 12 Win Caught Tot. Catch PTS RANK %OWN
B Boyd Duckett  Demopolis, AL 8 6 2 0 114 332 lb, 10 oz 1784 19 39.0
B Gerald Swindle  Warrior, AL 8 7 3 0 121 359 lb, 1 oz 1740 26 29.4
Group C
Season Totals
PLAYER Top 75 Top 50 Top 12 Win Caught Tot. Catch PTS RANK %OWN
C Russell Lane  Prattville, AL 8 5 1 0 97 317 lb, 7 oz 1547 44 27.9

Also, still time to join my group, prizes awarded for every event.  Click here for my league.  To hear the logic behind my picks, check out this podcast.

Drop a comment and let m know what you think of the podcast.
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Red River FLW Fantasy Fishing Lineup

Reports from the Red River are of high, muddy and cold water, which usually means tough fishing.  Expect many anglers to struggle, but some will find the right kind of water and you will likely still see some hefty pre-spawn sacks.  So as of now, here is my Fantasy lineup for the Red River.

RIch’s Red River Roster Adjust Team Tour Stats

Selected Anglers Winner Winning
Earnings Missed
   DAVID WALKER 92 $ 547,509 72 52 0 17 33 0
 MARK ROSE 68 $ 519,200 59 66 3 8 15 0
 ROB KILBY 86 $ 513,150 76 55 3 7 23 0
 ISHAMA MONROE 13 $ 71,000 13 80 0 0 2 0
 EDWIN EVERS X 67lbs 7oz 0
 DAVID DUDLEY 90 $ 1,348,100 73 45 7 16 35 2
 GREG PUGH 54 $ 376,500 45 67 0 8 13 0
 JASON CHRISTIE 13 $ 99,500 10 78 0 3 3 0
 RANDALL THARP 6 $ 26,000 6 67 0 0 1 0
 ANDY MORGAN 93 $ 768,354 78 48 3 13 31 1

To find out the details and logic behind my lineup, listen to the following podcast in which host Greg Huff and I break down our Fantasy Fishing picks, plus we interview FLW Champion angler Luke Clausen on the 2nd half of the show which you can listen to here or on iTunes.

Still time to join my league and win free prizes for the Red River and all the events!

New Fantasy Bass Fishing Radio Show

This Saturday @ 7:30am will be the 2nd airing of Twin City Limits radio show on 950am KTNF in the Minneapolis market; host Greg Huff & I are interviewing Luke Clausen this week.  This radio show is all about bass fishing and fantasy fishing.  If you live in the area and can check it out, please do so.  You can also stream it on the 950AM website, it says you need to be from MN, but all you need is a MN Zip Code, try this one 55421.

Also the last episode and future episodes are on iTunes and also on PodBean, follow the links to add it to your iTunes list or download to your MP3 players, iPhones or whatever else you cool kids download things on these days.

The first couple episodes are Fantasy Fishing intensive breaking down the Red River and Lay Lake, we get into picks, strategies and much more.  As the weather warms, we will cover the local bass fishing scene in Minnesota as well.  Please post comments with your feedback!

Also, if anyone is going, I will see you at the Skeeter Bass Center open house tomorrow!

Play Fantasy Fishing for Millions

Join my FLW Fantasy Bass Fishing Group & Win Free Prizes

Last year was a pretty good success, we had almost 200 participants join my group and I gave out great prizes from Tru-Tungsten and Secret Weapon Lures.  Look for more and bigger prizes this year.  I will give out prizes to the highest finishers in my group that do not win FLW sanctioned prizes.
So here is what you do to join my leauge:
Got to and enter league # 11590 and Password: bassin

It’s just that easy, if you are feeling like you need an edge to win my or FLW’s cash prizes, check out Player’s Advantage! Last year, members won prizes at 4X the rate.

Look forward to you all joining and telling your friends, check out the Fantasy Bass Fishing Corner to see many of last year’s winners and prizes.  Plus check back, each week I share my line-up and tips for picking your anglers!

Along a similar note, I am collaborating on a new bass fishing show, it will be airing this Saturday at 7:30am CST on 950am in the Minneapolis market, you can also catch a live stream on the 950AM website as well segments will be available on iTunes, I will get you details on that when they post.

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Outdoors This Week Interview – April 4, 2009

For those of you that were not able to get to on on Saturday morning, I recorded the interview and making it available via podcast in this post.  The interview is with Rob Doherty, we talk about several topics, including Secret Weapon Recoil Rig, Drop Shot techniques, Fishing up north versus the deep south and Fantasy Fishing.

Give it a listen, there will be no transcript this time.  I am sure most of you did not get up on Saturday, but the good news is I edited this down from over 30 minutes to around 17 minutes.

Outdoors This Week logo.
Let me know what you think?  Please vote & let me know what you think, I am most curious to test out this voting feature for another cool blog feature that I think you will enjoy, so vote even in you only listen to a little of the podcast, PLEASE!

Interview with Kim Bain-Moore

I was recently approached to do an interview with WBT pro and recent Bassmaster Classic qualifier Kim Bain-Moore.  I thought this would be a fun interview, so I teamed up with John Haynes from Bass Fishing the Midwest and the rest is history!  I think you will enjoy, just click on the player.

This interview can also be found on iTunes.
Apple iTunes

Below is a sumarized view of the interview for those that do not or cannot listen to the PodCast.  Trust me the text does not do the Audio justice!  I shortend & eliminated a few things from the text, because it was just too much typing.

Bassin Blog: John & I pride ourselves on doing our research about guests, we think we found a nugget that may have been overlooked and not really talked about, we have reason to believe that you fished the most recent Bassmaster Classic on the Red River and are actually the first women to do so, is this correct?

Kim Bain-Moore: (Laugh) Very Clever Fellas. 

BB: Tell Us about the Experience

KB: Absolutely, was the pinnacle of my career.  I have dreamed about the goal since being a little girl and something worked very hard to achieve, it was a dream come true and a bit of an overwhelming experience.  Really great to see all the excitement around the Classic, the media, my family coming in from Australia.  Big year for my sponsors as well, including the 100 year anniversary for Evinrude.

BB: Tell us about what Evinrude is doing to celebrate their anniversary

KB: Good questions, lots going on, lots of interviews spreading the word.  Lots of incentives, go to your dealers to learn about incentives on new E-tec motors.  Had a small incident at the last tournament, a run in that was my own fault.  Had a brand new lower unit installed and I was back in the water in no time, missed no fishing time.  It was AWESOME!

BB: Finished 13th at Neely Henry, any added pressure media or otherwise at that event?

KB: I don’t think I went in to the tournament, feeling any added pressure, just really chomping at the bit to get back out fishing on the WBT.  LASt year I had a 4th place finish at Neely Henry and certainly conditions changed a lot, water was lower and earlier in the season, most of the fish has not pushed back in the creeks as much.  I found myself doing a lot of spotted bass fishing where last year I weighed all largemouth.  I was really proud of my 13th place finish, would have like to have a top 10, have 3 more events for the season.  Next event is at Lake Quachita in Lousiana, should be a better flipping bite.

BB: Of the next events, which are you looking forward to the most?

KB: All of the remaining events, Quachita, Old Hickory & Arkansas River.  I am excited for the challenge; I am used to fishing more lakes.  The river system is new to me, which is what I enjoyed about the Classic on the Red River in Shreveport.  Its important to learn something every time out on he water and this year will definitely be about learning. If I had to pick one, probably say Old Hickory where I have the most experience there, but I am keen about fishing the Quachita as well and do some flipping and bush hawging and get back in the back country and catch a few big ones.

BB: Last year never finished worst then 6th last year, can you repeat as WBT AOY?

KB: Yeah, I think so.  WBT has same system last year where you get to delete your worst finish.  There maybe a little added pressure based on my recent finish to go out and compete and have some high finishes.  I think one mistake I made at Neely Henry, always analyzing my days on the water.  I should have fished for largemouths on the last day instead of the safer smallmouths. The rest of the season I will target the bigger bites and do what I can to get larger weights.

BB: You mentioned flipping, If you could only carry 1 color RI Sweet Beaver in your Legend Boat, what color would it be & why?

KB: I would have to say California 420, just seems to go to a variety of lakes and systems and catch fish.  Dark watermelon & watermelon red, which is a consistent color for most anglers.  I have had a lot of success at Old Hickory, Lewisville and the WBT Championship, its just a good all around color.  But its kind of like starbursts, I will start with Strawberry but will eventually work my way through the whole pack.

BB: In the past you fished some FLW Tour & Series events, Western Open, any plans to get back into those events on top or in place of the WBT?

KB: I certainly wanted to fish many events to learn about different techniques and bodies of water.  Now that I am fishing the WBT, my husband Andre fishes other events as well.  In 2009, he would support me on the WBT & I would support him at other events, its been a great time on the WBT.  For me its about enjoying time on the water and maintaining time for family.

BB:  Please comment on how you think the co-angler works for the WBT compared to how the Elite Series has went to the Marshall Program.

KB:  With the WBT it a great moment for ladies to get out and fish & learn about different lakes & techniques.  It builds their confidence to then move to the pro side.  Then they just need to get a boat and whack an Evinrude E-Tec on the back and get going.  Large part of my success was the support of my family and confidence and good equipment.

BB: Are you seeing sponsors showing increased interest in women fishinig?

KB:  Certainly, the biggest example was at the Classic.  The shear numbers of women and children coming up to me and showing an interest in getting out on the water with their families, husbands, boyfriend was amazing.  Truly overwhelming, I signed autographs for over 5 hours straight, until I had to leave for a TV engagement.  I had people try to follow me into the bathrooms for autographs.  It was just exciting seeing that passion and enthusiasm, which shows positive things for the future of the sport.  If course statistically I did not have the best classic, but its not always about the fishing catching.  Over all people were excited about me being there and coming up to me it should help grow the sport.

BB: In 2004 you fished a Walleye tournament in Walker, MN, what brought you to that tournament?

KB: Good research guys, especially for me being Australian, learning about different species is a passion for me. Trying different things help you learn things you can adapt back to bass fishing.  Part of my success get out there and try different style, at Leech lake as a co-angler I learned to back reel which is a skill I use for big smallmouth and spotted bass on light line.

BB: You have some experience with Lake Norman, you caught your biggest stringer in 2008 FLW Tour competition there, can you help John & I with our Fantasy Fishing picks?

KB: Bryan Thrift is a local and Alvin Shaw who is a local and good friend of mine from the FLW Tour.

BB:  Kim, thank you very much we appreciate your time.  You are not only a great bass angler but a great ambassador for the sport; We will watch you the rest of the year on the WBT.  Good Luck at Lake Quachita.

KB: Thanks Rich!  Thanks John! 
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