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St. John’s River Fantasy Picks

Been too busy to blog lately, been to Mexico and back this week already.  Still manged to get the podcast done, sorry for short notice, talked to producer to work towards publishing by Tuesday of tournament weeks.  So go here to listen to Podcast.

Otherwise, my picks – KVD, Big Show, Bernie Schultz, Chris Lane, & JVD.  BTW – what does JVD gotta do to get his face on the Fantasy Game?

I saw that JVD got some of KVD’s cookies, so I am convinced he is good to go this week!

Also, got some goodies on listed in my Bass


Fantasy prizes coming soon for Beaver & Harris chain, still need to hear from Harris Chain winner….

Another MN Bass Closer Passes

This past weekend the bass fishing season closed in Minnesota and for most inland waters does not open until end of May.  I did not get out on the Bass Closer this year, had too many other things to juggle, but did have a brief bass fishing outing on Lake Bartlett in Arizona earlier in the week, where i caught some of these monsters pictured below…..

As a tribute to the Bass Closer, here is a video of last year’s bass closer and here is a post from 2009 to check out as well.

Finalized my Fantasy Fishing picks for Beaver Lake, working on getting Beaver and Bassmaster Classic prizes out still, trying to get caught up, be patient.  My Picks:
Brent Ehrler
Stetson Blaylock
Greg Bohannon
Randall Tharp
Ray Scheide
Glenn Browne
Bryan Thrift
Andy Morgan
Robbie Dodson
Shin Fukae

Want to hear the breakdown, listen to the podcast coming soon at

Take is easy all!

Lot’s of stuff going on, must be Classic Time!

First off, big 20% off sale at Bass Tackle Depot ends at midnight tonight – check out sale here!

Also, Bass Factory Forums area taking off and every time you post, you got a chance to be the weekly tackle winner!

If you can’t find what you need, I will be loading my Bass

up with lots of stuff this weekend, got to make room for all the stuff I bought a for-mentioned sale, LOL!

Read about how Classic (Edwin Evers, Ryan Said,  & other) anglers are getting stuck in the cold water at the delta, not much fishing the first day for some anglers.

Clark Reehm tweeted water temps only in high 40’s right now, don’t think we have to worry about a spawn tournament at this point.

On a lighter note, KVD is supplementing his income with some magic cookie this week, check out this video .

Plenty of other funny Bassmaster Classic Promos on that YouTube Channel.  

Also, join my Fantasy Fishing League, will be doing prizes again this year.  Here is link to my group.  Also if you need help, picking your fantasy fishing team, listen to picks from Mark Zone, Dave Mercer & myself, oh yeah, Greg Huff too….  Links to Podcast here or here!

Look for lots of more blogging from me this week, I just really get into the CLASSIC!

It’s Fantasy Bass Fishing season again

If you have not played FLW Fantasy Fishing the past few years, I think you are missing the boat.  Check out all the great prizes & cash they are giving out described in this article .  Not too bad, huh?  All that just for picking articles better then your bass buddies!

On top of all the FLW prizes, there are many leagues that you can join to win additional prizes and as per usual I will be having my own league for Bassin Blog readers.  Just head to

FLW League # = 11590 & password : bassin

On top of my normal prizes, if winners are fans of the Bassin Blog on Facebook , they will get extra prizes!

Need some help picking your team?  Listen to a podcast of Greg Huff and I breaking down the first tournament on Lake Okeechobee.  Sorry for the short notice, you only have about 3 hours to get your Big O picks in, but you can still join my league for the rest of the season.

Here is a run down of my anglers, listen to podcast above for details on why.
Chris Lane – Winner
Terry Scroggins
John Cox
Greg Pugh
Scott Martin
Jimmy McMillan
Bryan Thrift
Brent Erhler
Randall Tharp
Glenn Browne

Bassmaster Classic is right around the corner, will post league details and picks for that soon enough.

A Good Contest

Buy a Dobyn’s Rod between now and the end of the year, fill out a form and submit it for a chance to win a fully rigged Ranger Z521 not to mention other great prizes, like Minnkota trolling motors, Hummingbird sonar and more Dobyn’s Rods.  Entry form & details here .  Get your Dobyn’s Rods at !

Other things to catch up on….

Check out a recent Twin City Limits podcast with Mark Zona, Terry Butcher, & Bradley Roy.

Also, I recently bought some new video editing software , here is my first attempt.

Nothing too special, but when I get some good clips out fishing, I can trim them up and polish them up a bit before posting to YouTube now.

TweetGate Rehash

Crazy stuff!  At this point, wishing I would have eaten more sandwiches or Snicker bars instead of goofing off on my phone in those Tonka no-wake zones.  But that is all water under the bridge at this point, Literally! 

Word spread super fast about my diaqualification at the MNBFN TOC.  It appears this happened for a couple reasons:
1. Some people thought it was a very severe penalty
2. Many thought it was interesting and saw as potential first of many instances where this could be a sign of the times, and a slippery slope with Smart Phones, Navioinics maps for phones, potential internet on your GPS units, etc.

Either way, the outcome quickly garnered attention from several media outlets like Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing FYI, Wired2FishBass Parade  and numerous fishing forums.  The comments on all these articles and forums varied widely, which I think highlights how this may be the starting point for many rule clarifications for tournaments in the future.

Even if you don’t care about Tweet issue or Dave Mercer, nice picture and reference of Kim Kardashian in this video.

In the end, my stance is that I don’t blame the tournament director, as I put him in a terrible position with my lapse in judgment.  I just got carried away with my constant drive to promote the sport of bass fishing and my sponsors.  I do think there could have been potential to penalize me for the rule infraction with a complete DQ, but that is neither here nor there at this point.  Based on many comments I have read, I think that is one thing that has come to light for me, is that many anglers believe that any and all rule infractions demand an automatic DQ, which I have always heard from many experienced TD’s, they reserve DQ’s for last resort.  No matter your stance, it definitely has spurred some great debates among anglers.

Also, you can hear me talk about this subject on a recent Twin City Limits podcast , but probably more interesting is the interviews with Kevin Short and David Walker.

On a lighter note, there was some good video of me catching a few bass off of docks on day 2 of the tournament.

On a parting note, Careful what you “Tweet” for….  Watch for some posts on some fun fall fishing to come!

Back to School Bass Fishing Style

Back to School for the kids and soon for the bass!



Back to School Discount on All Lures, Rigs,
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Here’s an economic stimulus plan that actually works. Keep more money in your wallet while putting more fish in your livewell.

Children are not the only critters going to school these days.

Get ready for fall schooling action! Now is the time to build your Secret Weapon arsenal. And to help you be ready when the fish are, we’re knocking off 20% on all Secret Weapon spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, Recoil Rigs and component kits when you use this code on check-out from the SWL Online Armory: B10820. Consider it your fall fishing stimulus package

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Hopefully y’all can use the coupon above to get some great deals on some great tackle!

Also, check out Twin City Limits latest podcast, we interview KVD and talk about all other kinds of great stuff!

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Also, been busy listing stuff on ebay, fishing rods, line, sunglasses, lures, MegaBass, Lucky Craft and all kinds of other good stuff!
So check out my Bass Fishing eBay Store!!!

Putting in my Time

Not much for tournaments lately, I kind of been busy spending time on Lake Minnetonka preparing for the Minnesota Federation Nation  Tournament of Champions in early September.  The lake goes off limits for me and my competitors this Friday.  It really is a shame that I have not spent more time on Tonka since I have essentially lived in the Twin Cities all my life.

The thing about Tonka, there is so much water and so many contours and stuff to learn.  That being said, I have been spending quite a bit of time out there mainly driving around with my electronics searching for new deep water spots.  The learning curve is still super steep on this lake, but I am trying to do as much homework as possible.  I did manage a few nice fish on new spots this past Sunday, as well as an 18″ Fatty Smallmouth that I had camera malfunction and did not capture.

Not sure what I will be doing during the off limits, maybe doing some fun fishing or maybe trying film some more for “All About Bass”.  So who knows how regular the blogging will be here in the short term, but in the mean time, take a listen to the latest “Twin City Limits” podcast .  Lots of talk about the BASS Post-Season, Sale of BASS, interview with Zona, and much more.  It is a real solid listen.  Listen to the embedded player here or check it out on or on iTunes.

It is a lengthy podcast, but I think it is a good one!


Sooner Run Fantasy Picks?

Well here is a great interview with Mark Zona about Sooner Run Bassmaster elite series picks for Arkansas river.

Hope you enjoyed the listen, as just a few hours ago, BASS moved this event to Fort Gibson lake just up the road because of high dangerous waters.  So 1 day of practice on Fort Gibson and it’s go time!
So now I go with:
Skeet & KVD because nobody fishes faster, better and reads conditions better than these two
Edwin Evers has some BFL experience here and some good finishes, plus he is fishing hot
Biffle because he lives across the street
Butcher, same reasons as Evers

Well, good luck to all the Elites and your fantasy rosters, but I think the best pure fishermen will rise to the top on this one!

Catching up a bit

Things are hectic here at the Lindgren household with a new 1 week old addition to the family.  Welcome my daughter Reese to the world,  I am officially outnumbered for the long haul, with another daughter added to the mix.  So not much fishing and not much computer time.  Might even be another week or so before I let another line, maybe take my oldest daughter bluegill fishing on Father’s day…..

On the bright side, my ESPN BASS Fantasy Fishing team is rocking, as this week, I had KVD, Evers & Butcher all in top 3 at Kentucky Lake, which surged me to 37th in the world with one tourney to go.  So who knows, if I can pick the perfect last tourney on the Sooner Run, maybe I can be standing next to Zona on set telling you how I did it, probably a long shot, but you have to think big!

ESPN recently announced, it will stop the ESPN Outdoors block starting in 2011 and only air Bassmasters Elite Series events, thus no more World’s Greatest Fishing Show with Mark Zone on ESPN2 starting next year.  So this  is a great time to check out the second half of the Mark Zona interview we did previously.  Mark talks about “Crappie Fishing”, World’s Greatest Fishing Show, Minnesota Smallmouth fishing, Lake Vermillion, Mille Lacs and much more.

Zona is an awesome interview.  Hope you enjoy!  We have been stuck on 111 email subscribers for awhile, if you like reading this blog, enter your email in the upper left of the side bar and you will get entties emailed to your inbox or if you are savvy, add the RSS feed.