Minnesota Bass Opener 2013

I didn’t get to fish as much as I’d like over the 3 day weekend that is the MN Bass Opener over Memorial day weekend.  I did get out and catch some fish from a small lake from shore on Saturday morning, that was a very brief outing, but very productive, catching 5 bass in about 25 minutes on a swim jig with a Evolve Darkstar Swimmer trailer.  3 of those 5 fish were between 3-4lbs.

I also, took my girls out from shore later in the day, we caught a few bluegills and my youngest daughter got her first bass in a very short outing before heading to the park to play.

Finally Sunday, was my only fishing day in the boat, it was great to get out with my Dad and fish a west metro lake.  The morning was a little slow picking up a few fish here and there, getting most of our bites shallow around wood on a 3/8oz BassTEK Tungsten flipping jig in the Black Brown Green Pumpkin color

About half way through the day, we went through a channel to the smaller side of the lake and it was pretty much game on from there.  The water was about 2 degrees warmer and we started catching them pretty steady on BassTEK jigs and BassTEK ReSticks.  I mainly used the 6.5″ stick, looking for a little bigger bite, while my dad used the 5″, both using the Road Kill color.

You can see how chewed up these baits got in just a few hours, good stuff!

Water temps were mostly around 56-59 degrees, we caught our fish from 1-5′ and in the end we had over 30 bass, most of them between 2.5 – 3.5lbs with a couple touching 4lbs.  I weighed my biggest if was 4-03.  My other 4 best fish were all over 3lbs as well.

My biggest fish came on the Jig!

The giants in the lake eluded us on this trip, but we’ll get them next time!