Looking back and forward

2012 was a weird fishing year for me, it started with some really good bass fishing in March and April on the river, but my tournament season got off to a later start due to a 2 week family trip to Ireland in May.  Overall, my tournament partner Josh Douglas and I were always a half step off during the NABC season and had a pretty terrible year on that circuit.  I did win a tournament on Lake Marion near my home and cashed a few other checks, but by my standards not a good year.  Looking back, I may have tried to fish less tournament and focus on the ones I fished a little harder.  Fishing life balance is a continuous learning process with two small kids in my family.

For 2013 I look forward to a few new partnerships that are in the works that I will likely be sharing with you soon and open your eyes to some new products that will help you catch more bass.  I really hope to get a few more videos done this winter and all of next year, I got a list of good things to work on, just need to block out the time to shoot the videos.

I do plan to fish fewer events next year and plan to focus on them a little harder with more practice for each event.  With that, I believe I need to work on breaking down water faster and finding fish faster with the limited time I have, in the end, I will probably never have as much practice time as I used to, so I need to adapt.  I have tenative plans to get revenge on the NABC field in 2013, if not that, I will probably focus on the Great Lakes BFL division.

I also hope to get my oldest daughter out in the boat next summer when she is 5 and get her to land her first bass and keep exposing both my girls to the outdoors and fishing to keep them excited about it.

I know the posts have been a little far and few between lately, but this blog is far from dead, just re-energizing!

Well, hope you all had a great Christmas and a safe New Year’s, but I need to get off this computer, I only have a few days left to score an open water smallie before December is over…