Mississippi River Pool 2 Warm Up Tournament

The title of this blog posts makes me chuckle a bit, because I fished this tournament as a fun tune-up for some other up coming events, but nothing about the day because of weather was warm what so ever.  It was 44 degrees, raining and a stiff east wind when the tournament started and it only got colder that day.

Even with the brutal conditions, it seemed there was a decent morning bite in the backwaters where we started.  I had a limit by shortly after 8am casting a Big Bite Baits tube to shallow wood, rocks & weeds.  I caught some small fish and some 16-17″ class fish early in the day on this pattern.  I stuck with it the rest of the day mixing in occasional reaction baits.  I did catch a few bass on a 1/2oz Ayu Biovex Stangun spinnerbait, one fish on a D-Bomb and a couple on a flipping jig, but I think all the fish weighed came on a tube.

Not much for pictures, because it was a paper/measure tournament. I did take one quick pic of my 18-5/8″ Largie!

My best 5 fish:

That converted to 15.44lbs which was good enough for 4th place.  I fished pretty clean, just never made adjustments to get the bigger bites needed!  It was great just to get to put some of my newer Dobyns Rods to the test, they never disappoint! This weekend of to Lake Winnebago chain for some practice for an upcoming NABC tournament.

Watch for a contest announcement tomorrow!