2011 Bassmaster Classic Day 1 Summary

Interesting day on the Louisiana Delta today, fog got things off to a slow start, not a huge factor with only a 70 minute delay, but still a factor none the less.  I really thought there would be more big weights today, it was good but not great.

Top 6
Aaron Martens 20-7
Scott Rook 19-6
Kevin VanDam 19-3
Brent Chapman
Bobby Lane 16-12

Dale Hightower 15-9

I am kind of surprised the Aaron Martens is leading this event, didn’t really seem like his type of event.  I know KVD is a threat every where, but I thought he would fair more like he did on Red River in this event.  So my fantasy team is mired in mediocrity at the moment, hopefully some of my guys bust some 20lb stingers tomorrow.  Hackney is just about toast in the Classic, although local fav Cliff Pace is still alive but needs to make a move tomorrow.

Pic of Cliff Pace weighing-in on my flat screen connected to my flat screen off the live internet streaming

Interesting that the top 3 anglers are all in an area called “The Tank Pond” which is only about 15 minutes from take off.  It seems the quality of the fish in the Tank Pond Area is beating out the sheer numbers of Venice and other areas.  Only problem is Marten, KVD & Rook are sharing the same flat with each other and Remitz.  They all did some damage today, only time will tell if it will hold up, deplete or get even stronger as the week progresses.

Also, sounds like Bobby Lane & Chapman crushed the fish for the short time they got to fish down around Venice, so they have a shot, as do probably the top half of the field if they can bust some 20lb bags tomorrow.  I think there will be a lot of movement and shake-ups on day 2.  Also, props to Fed Nation angler Dale Hightower who is in 6th.  Should be a super exciting Classic!

I got tons of good nuggets that I keep tabs on and post through-out the day on my Facebook Fan Page – check it out and stay tuned tomorrow!  Also, got my own BMC Ebay Sale this weekend!

Here is a sweet map, screen shot from Live Classic Blog & BassTrakk today!

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