Sometimes it pays to Procrastinate

Instead of of writing this blog tonight, I thought I was going to be franticly packing, respooling and staying up all night getting ready for a bass fishing trip of a lifetime to Lake Comedero.  Besides who wants to fish on a lake with World Record Bass Potential….

Didn’t work out, ended up blowing up just 36 hours before flight was scheduled to depart.  Long story short, partners of fishing lodge destination had a bit of falling out and everything came crashing down just 36 hours before our flight left.

So, my whole procrastinate title is me trying to spin this positively in my head.  At least I did not respool all my reels yet with 37# fluoro that would not be that useful come spring in MN.  At least I didn’t waste my time finishing packing.  Good thing I waited to rush out and buy a light weight rain suit for this trip. If I stay up late enough, I am sure I will think of some more…

Now, I will not get to share what most certainly would have been some amazing photos and videos from the trip on the blow with all of you

Well, time to focus on making some other fishing adventures.