Fantastic Fall Bass Fishing

I took a few week hiatus after the State bass tournament, but finallygot out fishing a week ago today.  I was looking for a good solid day offish catching, no strings attached, so I headed up to Chisago & South Lindstrom for about 6 hours.  I started out alternating between SWL Buzzbait , Vixen and a Super K swim jig  with Optimum Double Diamond 3.5″ trailer .  I caught a few small fish on the topwaters and caught several decent keepers on the Swim Jig.

Here is a video of me catching that first fish!

From there, I decided to get to work with my Tru-Tungsten jig  and start working boat docks.  The very first fish I caught off a dock was 19.5″, I went on to catch around 30 fish throughout the day, most on jigs, few more on the swim jig and 2 on a SWL Spinnerbait.   It truly was a great day of fishing.  I capped it off with a 19.75″ largie late in the day as well.

The next day, Ifished the Gopher Bassmaster Fall Classic, which is a no practice teamtourney, where we don’t learn of lake location until the night before. It is always a metro lake, within in 45 minutes of downtown Minneapolis.  My partner Dennis and I, decided to dabble deep on thislake to start and use my side imaging to located some hard bottomtouching weeds in 8-12ft of water.  We found about 3 of those places, but that only produced one 14″ fish for us.

We then decided itwas time to start checking some shallow water, we eyed up a good lookingreed bed and started just off that.  On my first flip I jacked a 5lb class fish on a Tru-Tungsten jig .  This seemed to be a good indicator tostay shallow.  In the next handful of casts, I caught a 3lb fish on the Tungsten jig  and a 4lb fish on a bluegul Super K Swim jig .  Not long afterthat, I filled out limit and then Denny caught some nice fish to startthe culling process.

To make a long story short, we straightjacked the fish the rest of the day fishing shallow.  I caught themajority of the fish on a 3/8oz Tru-Tungsten jig.  We caught some wherebetween 30 & 40 fish in the 5 hours we did not fish deep.  Our best 6 ended up weighing 29.26lbs.  With about an hour to go, I caught our 6.75lbs kicker and then the next fish was a fat 18.5″ fish that wecouldn’t use.  That is when we knew things were getting silly, I threwback 2 fish that would have weighed right around 8lbs between them. 

Pic does not do them justice, we only weighed the big one, but the rest averaged 4.59lbs a piece, so I know the 2nd biggest was at least 5lbs, I don’t think we grabbed all the right fish for the pic.  Wished I would have weighed some more for BP Bass Derby .

Here is a video of loading up the winning bag!

Well time to go fishing again~
To keep a good thing going, I am going to fish a Simply Fishing Marine tourney on Green Lake on Sunday!