Crazy Happenings in Bass Fishing

I was all prepared and inspired to document all the things happening in bass fishing right now, but then the guys at Wired2Fish did such a damn good job , I am going to give you a link there , do a little summary and get to bed early!  So read W2F’s blog and see my editorials below:

Triton, Stratos & Ranger boats all under same roof and ownership, good or bad, too ealry to tell.  I see it can go 2 ways, either they use their clout and huge market share to control the price and make bass boats even more expensive for all of us or they use their economies of scale and give us all better products for a better price.  Also, interesting to see what changes they make to Pro-Staff and tournament circuits they sponsor.

KVD is a beast, but I cannot yet dieceide if I like the Post-Seaon format or not, what do you think?  Leave a comment, I think I kind of feel for Skeet.

I think McKInnis leading BASS forward will be a pretty good thing for all bass anglers, it will be great to have the right passion and knowledge leading the organization going forward.

I look for Bryan Thrift or Brent Ehrler to put the crown jewel on one of their awesome seasons!

Good night and see you on Tonka this weekend!