Got out for a little fun fishing

Did some fun fishing this weekend on local lakes, overall fishing was not that awesome.  The highliights would be getting first frog fish of the year on a Bluegrass colored Mad Maxx frog and today jacked a nice 20.5″ Largemouth on a 3/8oz Green Pumpkin Brown Tru-Tungsten jig with Sweet Beaver trailer.  I think the beaver on a jig does an awesome job of giving a profile of a big sunfish or craw at the same time.

Fish were scattered, some shallow, some deep, some patrolling bluegill beds. Caught them on inside weedlines, pads, docks, outside weedlines, hard bottom.   Either way it was good to get out and spend some time learning with the my new side imaging unit.

Well with the long holiday weekend approaching, I see more fishing in the immediate future!