New World Record Bass Recognized

Today it was officially announced that the IGFA accepted and approved Manabu Kurita’s application for his 22lb 4.97 oz largemouth bass caught from Lake Biwa last year.  It is 1 ounce heavier then George Perry’s long standing 77 year old record.  The IGFA unfortunately considers it a tie unless you surpass by more then 2 ounces.  See article on and Update from

Photo Courtesy of IGFA
Forme, I personally recognize Kurita’s fish as the new worldrecord. Personally I do not believe Perry’s fish was that big and anounce is an ounce in my book.  I have lost too many tournaments by lessthen an ounce, it counts!  Congrats Mr. Kurita!!!

Regardless, what an amazing fish!

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