Pool 2 early practice results

Well let’s get right to the point!
Yep, no fish…..  I did have two very good bites on a tube, they were either both pike or I had bad spots in my line on both hooksets, tough to say.  I may have had a couple bites on a Rapala Fat 3 and a SWL Quickstrike spinnerbait, but tough to say.  I spent most of the day alternating between a tube & a white swim jig.  I also threw crankbaits, jerkbaits, spinnerbait and jigs.  Kind of amased I could not get bit on reaction baits with water in the main channel at 54 degrees.

To add insult to injury, I snapped my transducer off my trolling motor and my FLW fantasy did not fall in the right order, so no big prizes this week.

I am hoping to get back out on Pool 2 this Saturday.  Congrats to KVD for being a stud and winning on an unlikely body of water (Smith Mtn) for him and Stetson Blaylock had a great win on Lake Norman, former co-angler phenom, now FLW tour pro winner!  Too bad Mr. Moynagh could not make surge today and get a big win.

Also look for announcements on group winners for my Fantasy Fishing leagues, I have got some new prizes this week!

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