Tru-Tungsten Jigs, Bass Fishing Seminars, & Fantasy Bass Fishing Info

Kind of a clearing house blog entry today.  First of all, if you had read this blog much, you know I catch a ton of fish on Tru-Tungsten bass jigs.  They are a great jig, have many advantages and really catch bass!  Many people ask me where they can get them and often do not want to order them online.  Many of us bass anglers like to touch & feel before we buy, kind of old fashioned in that respect.  After working with Capra’s Sporting Goods, they now stock the Tru-Tungsten Bass jigs, they have them out at their store in Blaine and they are priced very reasonably at $4.99, most places charge between $5.39 & $5.99.  So when you are in the area, swing in and check them out, buy 1 or 2, I am positive you will not be disappointed with their performance.

Read about many of my Tru-Tungsten Jig success here.

If you are looking for something do this Saturday morning, check out these great bass fishing seminars presented by the Minnesota BASS Federation Nation at the Medina Entertainment Center – they are free & open to the public.

March 7, 2009 at the Medina Entertainment Center
9:30am Sport Smith – Tackle Craft & Modification
10:15am Rick Billings – 2008 Divisional & National Tournaments Recap

Lastly, Bass Pundit has a great breakdown of the ESPN BASS Fantasy Fishing anglers and salary cap, so check it out here! Below is an excerpt from his entry
The worst deals among the top priced Elite Anglers
Kelly Jordan ($21.00) BWR #42 Home Run Hitter, Strike’s Out a lot.
Klien ($20.30) BWR #35 Consistently good, but not great.
Howell ($20.20) BWR #45 Was good in 2008 not so good 2007

Here is something kind of cool, I was watching WFN the other day and they were promoting their website and showing screen shots of the website on TV, they talked about their blogs and show a screen shot, you could see my name!  Since I had DVR, I backed up a bit and shot a quick shot with my camera.

Click on image to see reel deal!

More stuff added to my eBay store last night as well, jigs & swimbaits. 

Until next time, I will be out of town this weekend, probably no blogging, but next week we will focus on strategies for setting lineups for both FLW on Table Rock & BASS on Amistad. 
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