Hackney dominates at Falcon Lake!

Last week FLW held their FLW Series fish-off at Falcon Lake in Texas.  The Fish-off format is interesting in the fact that it seed anglers from the FLW East & West series in a head to head format to make the Forest Wood Cup, but there is a overall winner as well and Greg Hackney put up a sick 3 day weight of 109-06.  He was just a few ounces from breaking the FLW 4 day record in a 3 day event.  So that is 15 fish for over 109lbs, quick math gives him a 7.3lb per fish average.

Greg caught most of his fish on the new Strike King Anaconda 10″ worm, fishing pretty deep along an old road on a bluff edge.  You can find a lot of good info and detail in this BassFan.com story.  One thing that is somewhat strange, is while Hackney was off the charts, man anglers struggled to put 5 fish in the well every day.  That may be because guys were going for big fish, knowing they needed 5 big fish a day just to keep pace.

Photo: FLW Outdoors/Rob Newell

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