Bassmaster Elite Series Marshalls Program

Bassmaster finally unveiled the details of their new program that replaces the co-anglers at the Elite Series level of competition.  You can read the details here.
Bassmaster Elite Series Marshals
Here is my summary:
$100 gets you a minimum of two days as an observer with Elite anglers, 3 days if you are one of the first 50 to sign up.  So its like a 2-3 day guide trip that you don’t actually fish for $100 or like living a “Day on the lake” episode for 2-3 days
You will also get a gift pack (Jersey, hat, sponsor gifts) that are valued at more then $100
Sounds like observers will be outfitted with special cameras and cell phones to provide real time updates and coverage that will be used for online coverage during the tournament.

So this is kind of similar to the observers they had for the old Elite 50 events, except those were $300 to participate, but I think you had a chance to win a boat.  But the cool thing is the added technology which makes the Marshall an integral part of the online coverage at  This should keep things more interesting for the observer as well as really step up coverage for Bass Rubes like myself watching on our computers during the day.

Seems like a nice compromise to the co-angler program, I would consider doing it on a lake close to me.

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