Must see bass fishing video

Kind of a bonus blog entry today, I usually do not do more then one entry per day, but this was too good.  Things you will learn/see in this video:
Instructional info on catching schooling bass
Early glance at Prototype Lipless crankbait from Ima Lures
Bill Smith hooking Michael Murphy in face with said Lipless crank
The entire removal process

It is a little graphic, but very educational.  Not sure if I am more impressed with Murphy on his calmness and toughness during hook removal process or how he finished his cast with the jerkbait even with hook in face.  Bill Smith had to feel a little dumb hooking his Ima ProStaff teammate on camera.

This actually happened to my in my very first club bass tourney at age 14, fishing with my uncle, I took a Zara Spook right under my chin about 10 minutes into the day.  Pretty much the same drill, push hook through, cut the barb off and back it out.  Slap a band-aid on it and finished the tourney, only weighed two fish though.

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