Looking ahead to Le Homme Dieu

Well my work travels for the week are over, finally back in town, spent some time getting my gear together, need to spend some more time tomorrow before I will be tournament ready.  I leave tomorrow morning to drive up to Alexandria to get my one day of practice in before my first Bassmaster Weekend Series tournament on Saturday.

My main goal tomorrow is to establish what the fish are doing.  Bases on what I have read on reports and water temps from the chain, I believe there will be fish in all 3 stages during our tourney.  Although, my sneaking suspicion is that most of the fish will still be pre-spawn, but we’ll find out tomorrow.  My secondary goal is to attempt to establish some areas or a pattern where I can get a few good fish in the boat.  One or two 3lb plus fish on this lake can make all the difference in the world and limits are bound to be plentiful.

We are having quite a bit of rain and turbulent weather leading into this event, which could make it a little tougher but the Le Homme Dieu chain always spits out loads of keeper bass, the trick is always breaking the 10lb barrier and anything in the teens will almost assure you a top 5 finish and have you in contention for the $5k first place prize.

One thing is for sure, I really want to put an emphasis in fishing for a win this year, so my plan is to roll the dice a little bit more early in the Weekend Series events and worry about getting limits in the afternoon this year.  Guess we will see how that works out!  I also intend to give a swimbait a try in each event this year.  Also I am going to try some big worms along with more jig fishing.

Well check back Sunday or Monday to see the results of my Friday practice and how the tournament goes.

Tight Lines,
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