Dymamite Spawning Bass Article

I found a really good article, of all places, in Field & Stream magazine.  I never thought they would have a decent bass related article, but I was killing time in a waiting room for a doctor appointment.  I was glad I put my pride aside and flipped through the pages.  I actually thought about taking the magazine when I left, but common sense prevailed.  Another cool thing, there is a copy online, you have to view 13 different pages to read it all, but I guess that is how the pay the bills with advertisement, but I think its worth it.  Here is the link to the online article.  The premise of the article, is one guy scuba dives around spawning females while another guy fishes above, really excellent info. 
I think there are a couple key tips, that can help most of us if we are targeting spawning fish in a tournament situation.  I know some of you hate everything about fishing for spawners, if this is you, skip this entry and pretend it never happened

Basically there are 12 elements to this article, I would copy and paste it all here, but I am sure there are copyright rules about these things

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