MN Fishing Opener is Here

That means its time for me to head to WI and do some bass fishing.  I can honestly say, I do not think I have ever fished in MN on the MN opener…..

Tomorrow Sport (fellow Gopher club member) & I are heading to Grantsburg, WI to spend a couple hours on each of two lakes that I have tournaments on May 19-20.  I have fished both lakes before in club tournaments and have done well, but I feel the need to get over there and see what stage the lake is in so I can have a clue where to start come race day.

Should be fun, we are having great weather so I expect the fishing to be good.  The two lakes are Big Wood Lake and Big & Little Trade lakes.  I expect we will do a lot more driving around and looking rather then fishing.

Sunday, I plan to get my boat out on a local lake in Lakeville to make sure everything is firing on all cylinders   I am chomping at the bit, because I have not been on the water since my trip to Amistad.  I really intended to get our on the river this spring, but that has just not worked out.

Check back on Sunday or Monday for a report on my practice.

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