Bass Opener on Minnetonka

Well, the plan was to hang sheet rock all weekend, but my buddies inspection did not pass, so I quickly made plans to hit the water to do some bass fishing 

Couple of my fellow Gopher club members are fishing the Denny’s tournament today and had invited me to go prefishing with them, so on Saturday morning I hopped into the Ranger with the Brant Boys.  I started the morning tossing a 6″ Optimum suspending swimbait over the milfoil & cabbage while they fished docks.  I had a good fish on for a split second, but never got to see it, not sure if it was a muskie, bass or pike.

We fished everything from 1ft to 15ft, our best fish came relatively shallow on inside weedlines, throwing soft plastics and finesse jigs tipped with smallie beavers.  I caught most of my fish pitchin’ a regular Watermelon Green Pumpkin Sweet Beaver rigged with a color matched 1/8oz. Tru-Tungsten sinker, force bead & smart peg. Based on what I saw, I would say that the vast majority of bass are already done spawning.  I would guess the best 8 fish in the boat that day would have weighed between 20-22lbs, so hopefully they bag them today.

My dad & hit the St. Croix for some smallmouth action, should have a report up on that soon as well.

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