Killing Me

Man, work is killing me.  Travel to Charlotte, NC.  The weather is beautiful and Lake Wylie is just minutes away!
No time for any fun stuff, the Lake just sits there and torments me.  I am also 30 minutes from a nice big Bass Pro Shop, but dinner obligations prohibit a visit.  Is there no justice in this world?

Here is a cool site, that I have been meaning to feature –
You may ask, why does Rich care about Carp?  He is a die hard bass rube….
This is a group that holds tournaments & events for fishermen and bow fishermen in non-release events for carp and other exotic species.  So they make sport out of reducing the number of carp in our fisheries!  Here me knocking now?  Tell all your buddies that have bows and go out and shoot some carp!!!

On another note, all you that have young fisher people that you know.  Our club is holding a BASS CastingKids event at Gander Mountain in Lakeville this Saturday 10:30am – 1:00pm.  Free, kids from 7-14 welcome, they all learn a little about flipping, pitching & casting and win some great prizes!  More info @

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> Performance edge – “My depthfinder on the bow, just because I was able to keep the front of my boat right over that edge, and know where to throw. And I think they ate that jig pretty good too. I think they’d eat just about anything, but I had a lot of confidence throwing that football-head.”