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Hi All,

Last day of February and I have just got a bunch of photos scanned and added to my gallery on my main site.  Notice that there are two pages of pics.  Many of them have multiple pics when you click on the thumbnails.  Just wanted to point this out, as there is not always a lot of content change on my main site, so check it out.  I hope to have some pics from Amistad in the middle of March.

Hope you like the pics, most of the new ones are tournament related.  Also, Free Bass Fishing Seminars this weekend for my MN readers:
Minnesota Bass Federation Nation Presents Bass Fishing Seminars
Date: Saturday, March 3, 2007
Time: 9am – 11am
Location: Medina Entertainment Center
500 Hwy 55
Medina, MN

Steve Hauge, owner of All-Terrain Tackle
Tom Borkowski, 8th place 2007 Bassmasters Series Championship (Guntersville) – mind of a champion

Hope to see a few of there.

Rich’s Bassin’ Forum
Bass Fishing Tackle Blog

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