My Newest Toys from Optimum Baits – Part 2

And now the rest of the story… 

Here is a white Optimum Furbit Frog, which seems to have body very similar to the Spro Bronzeye Frog, only with Rabbit Fur legs rather then skirted legs, plus a nice little blade that should add some great flash.

Here is a black Poppin’ Furbit, which can add some great commotion to draw up reluctant bass.

Here is an Ima Sasuke which is a combination stick and popping bait, similar to the Lucky Craft Gunfish.

Optimum Wacky Shad here pictured in a pearl white, sure to be a great drop shot bait, gotta love those realistic eyes  

Optimum Crashing Thunder Spinnerbait hybrid swimbait and spinnerbait that is a great big fish bait.

Man this just gets a guys blood a boiling to do some bass fishing.  Booked my flights to Amistad last night

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