Year in Review – Glance at 2007

Hey all,

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary from my very first post.  365 days fly by in a hurry.  I thought I would just recap the journey that was year 1 for me in blogging.  When I started last January, there was not much out there for Bass Fishing Blogs, there are a few more now, but still somewhat of a void.

To date I have 17 subscribers via email, thank you to you whover you are.  I made 182 posts containing 95,583 words, which almost exactly a post every other day, not bad for year one.  There were also 156 comments from readers and myself.  I actually cannot believe I had that much to say or share

The most popular and viewed post was: More Chatterbait Options….
Most Subscribed to Post: BSX BioSonix – Gimmick or Real Deal?
Most Discussed (most comments): More Chatterbait Options….
Most Frequent Commentator: Billy Harris, follow closely by Bass Pundit

Over the last 3 months I have avereged about 33 visitors per day and over 60 pageviews daily, when I first started, I was not sure anyone would read it…..

Towards the end of the year, I have added much more in the way of sounds and pictures to enhance the multimedia experience.  Look for more of that in 2007.

I want to thank all of you that left comments, that helps me to know you are reading and care, it helps drive me to keep posting and digging for relevan conent.

What do all of you want to see, leave a comment if there are topics or ideas you have or want to see.

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