Oxygenation or Aeration? Tournament Bass Survival….

Here an abstract response to an earlier article that I had posted.

As water temperature goes up, bass consume oxygen faster, and water holds less oxygen”. It takes more aeration to keep bass alive in warm temperatures.” 

In reality, fish metabolism is controlled by water temperature and [ fish metabolism] is limited by available dissolved oxygen saturation and concentration.
The above quote states that more aeration will correct a low oxygen deficits in a livewell with a limit of fish. Actually the treatment of choice for livewell hypoxia is and has always been supplemental pure oxygen administration, not more air (aeration). More aeration only supersaturated the water with nitrogen which increases hypoxic stress and may cause pop eye, gas embolism and gas bubble disease. All of which may increase acute and post release delayed mortality.
It is very common mistake (intentional or unintentional) that most writers call air oxygen and call oxygen air reinforcing confusion. Some writers may know the difference between the 2 gases, but most, obviously do not know the difference. This article presents another confusing example.
More aeration never insures safe oxygenation during live fish transport in the summer or any other time in a bass boat livewell, weigh-in holding tank or release boat haul tank.

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