Build yourself or your club a website in minutes

Check out Angling Masters International, it is a great site that lets you enter fish catches and you can see how you rank against others on a state by state basis.  You just have to build yourself a ‘Cabin’ (personal page) or if you have a club or company you can build a ‘Marina’ which can be a great promotional tool.

Build an AMI Cabin and grow your community. You can include your favorite fishing photos in your album, add catches to your virtual Livewell, and find out how you rank against other anglers in your area. Get your buddies involved and have fun competing with your friends. Once you have an AMI Cabin, you can build your own network of AMI buddies, see what everyone else is catching, and find out where the action is!

Check out My Cabin or just browse around.

If you want a more traditional web presence, check out  Powered by !!

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