Bass Meetings Help to get through the Winter….

I attended one of our winter MN State Federation meetings on Saturday and I manage to get out of the board meeting early enough to catch the tail end of the 2nd free bass seminar.   After the meeting I felt energized and exctied for next fishing season even though our lakes have just started to freeze and it will be quite some time before they open up again.  Something about talkin about Bass with your buddies help to keep my spirits up in the winter and keep mu focus forward to spring.  Same thing happens at the local club meetings.

Seems line another nice intangible benefit of joining a bas club.  So it makes me wonder why more of you are not part of bass clubs?
I would like to hear comments from some of you that are bass fisher people and why you are not part of a bass club, what are your reasons?

If you never thought about it, then check out these sites and look into it: – My Club
MN Bass Federation Nattion

And if that does not do anything for you, check out this sweet video clip, it will be sure to get you fired up about fishing.

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