Crystal Lake Fun Fishing

Wow, October 1st already and this is only my 3rd time on the water since April that was not practicing for or fishing a tournament.  Basically John & I had a tough day on Medicine Lake the day before, so we thought we would go to Crystal for about 3-4 hours to rinse that from our mouths.

We got on the lake around 7:30am, I caught one on a light carolina rig using a Zoom Super Hog and a 1/8oz Tru-Tungsten Tungsten Sinker.  I believe I had one or two other bites out on the bar.  We then bounced into some docks, I lost a nice one on a jig and then caught a little peanut.  We fished some pads in the large no wake bay, no bites but I saw some nice fish swimming around.

We then ran across the lake to fish some other docks, I got one decent keeper on my Tru-Tungsten Jig.  We fished a bit longer, but that was the last fish we caught.  Another tough morning on the lake….  Fall fishing can be a feast or famine kind of thing, the past two days have been a bit more famine

I will spending the next couple weekends at home getting stuff done, preparing for the trip to Patoka.

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