Gull Lake Official Practice – MN Federation Nation TOC

I spent the last 3 days practicing for the MNBF TOC. 

Day 1: Saturday morning I took our alternate to Lake Alexander where his tournament would be, he does not have a boat, so I wanted to get him sometime on the water.  We had too much fun and found lots of fish, but I spent too much time there.  I caught several and pulled on a bunch of really nice smallies with my 3/8oz Green Pumpkin Brown Tru-Tungsten Jig, I also had good success on a ghost colored Lucky Craft Sammy 100.  We finally got onto Gull about 1:30pm, we fished for about 4 hours.  We checked a few of my old spots with limited success.  We only caught a couple keepers, with the best action coming on a Baby Bass Secret Weapon Double Willow Spinnerbait.

Day 2: Sunday I was a little lackadaisical in getting ready and did not start fishing until almost 8am.  I rechecked  few spots too see if they were any better in the morning.  I caught one solid keeper on an adjacent area on Junebug 3/16oz Tru-Tungsten Ball Buster with a Blue Fleck Berkley Bungee Worm.  I then went to check some spots on the north end of the main lake.  I caught a nice walleye on the  Bungee Worm and that brought a keeper to the surface on it.  I checked a bunch of weedline and docks the rest of the day, got plenty of bites, but the ones I set on were not big and the ones I pulled on did not feel any better.  95% of the bites came on the Ball Buster and Green Pumpkin Brown Jig.

Day 3:  Monday, fellow club member Sport joined me as we did not get a chance to fish together during the club year.  We started in an area where I had got one good keeper and I wanted to experiment with topwater and other baits in the morning, we get a few more keepers and a northern.  We spent the entire day in Steamboat and Wilson, we found plenty of fish, but they were scattered an once again not very big.  We fished the deep edges, the flats and shallow cover.  No real solid pattern or lure really shined.

Day 4:  I am back at work to save vacation time for fishing the Weekend Series Regional in Jasper, IN in October.  As bad as my practice went, I wish I could be up there today to try to figure something more out.   Sigh  
On a positive note, I have not burned any good fish yet, because I have not found them yet

The other good thing was a got a nice deal at Reed’s on a new Buy this ProductShimano Symetre 2500 & it worked noticeably better than my 1000 size Symetre for Flourocarbon line, 90% less problems.

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