BSX BioSonix – Gimmick or Real Deal?

A recent article on repeaked my curiosity with this product.  See Full Article.
Since I first heard about this product, which was at the weigh-in site of E-50 tournament at Lake Wissota in WI.  I was standing on the beech when the boats came in and I asked KVD about the strange attachment on his trolling motor and he told me that it was the BioSonix and how it worked, my curiosity has been peaked ever since.

The next day at work, I did as much research as possible on the inter net, there was not much available.  I found the BSX website, I found you could only order from and that they were a pricey $699.99.  I also noticed they were heavily back ordered.  Bass Tackle Depot now carries the BSX unit!Here is what KVD has to say –
“At this point, I’ve seen way too much for it to be coincidental,” he said. “Without a doubt, it increases the activity level of the fish and gets them excited and looking for food.

“When they hear it, they’re ready to eat.”

He’s used his BSX in 16 tournaments now, and he’s finished among the Top 10 on 11 occasions. Included are two Bassmaster Elite 50 wins and a Bassmaster Classic victory at the end of last season.

“There’s no question it helped me win the Classic in Pittsburgh,” he said. “Multiple times I used it to get fish busting the surface right around the boat.  “And as close as that one was, everything counted. It was definitely beneficial.”

You can Listen to KVD talk more about BioSonix here!

Then the buzz on them exploded at the Pittsburgh Classic, I really have wanted to buy one, but I have had a hard time justifying the $700.  That is about half my entry fees for the year at this point.  Maybe if I cash a nice check this fall in one of my big tournaments, I will take the plunge.

BSX Biosonix Fish Attractor Unit

BSX Biosonix Fish Attractor Unit

Reproduces the natural sound signatures of baitfish and the sounds of baitfish being attacked and eaten by predatory fish. Each sound is digitally recorded and played back via underwater speaker system. Preloaded with six proven sound signatures files. Sound files can be expanded with compact flash media cards (sold separately). Other features include: Embroidered carrying case with AC and DC chargers Remote footswitch Tie-down strap Underwater speaker with adjustable float and 20 ft. cable Trolling motor mounting bracket

Has anyone ever used one or bought one yet?  What are all your thoughts on this unit?

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