Lake Minnetonka Weekend Series Early Practice #2

My buddy and I launched out of Gray’s Bay last night at about 4:15pm.  It was a mostly overcast afternoon evening with a light easterly wind.  We spent most of the evening in Excelsior and St. Albans Bays.  We caught right around 20 fish.  Towards the end we found some better quality fish (2.5 – 3.5lbs).  Almost all our fish came on 3/8oz Tru-Tungsten Jigs in Sunfish and Watermelon Brown colors using a Green Pumpkin Speed Craw as the trailer.  I also caught one bass on a Sammy and another on a Watermelon SWL Spinnerbait with Gold Willow Blades.  This is much better than what I found in my last practice day.  I feel that these areas will only get better as we approach tournament time as the milfoil becomes less thick, it will concentrate fish in these areas.
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We hit a couple areas in Wayzata on the way back, but it was getting pretty dark and Ryan got two northerns.  I will be out there for a solid day this Satuday and hopefully next Wednesday evening.

Earlier in the day, there was small celebrity/Sponsorhip/charity type deal.  Sounds like it only took 15lbs for 6 fish, I think the bite was probably off a little, that is not that impressive for Tonka.

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