Cass Lake Vacation & Leech Practice

I left directly from Pokegama to meet up with my wife and in laws for a family vacation at Sunset Cove resort on the Cass Lake Chain.  I got there on Sunday evening, no fishing.  Saturday we went to town for breakfast and I stopped to get bluegill tackle at Froggys and gas for the boat.  I took Laura, her mother and sister out in search of some bluegills, did not find anything to speak of after and hour and we went back to the cabin.  Laura and I went back out and we caught a few gills and I got a nice bass on a Jig and missed one on a Perfect Frog in the rice and pads.  I went back out myself for about 2 hours and bagged a couple nice bass on jigs and a white Snag Proof Bobby’s Perfect Frog.

Later on in the evening, it was time to put the boat on the trailer, I fished the rice near the landing with a Black Bronzeye and caught one more nice 2lb bass before the day was over.

Tuesday we fished off the dock for bluegills and perch for a bit, left the boat on the trailer all day.  I am very impressed with the Berkley Gulp Extruded Baits (Corn, Grub, Earthworm, Maggots); the maggots worked great.  Got plenty of bites, just as many as pieces of crawler and not as nearly messy.  Plus they do not rot in your boat in the sun and last forever.  Check them out next time you are doing a little panfishing.

Wednesday, on the way home, I stopped to practice on Leech for about 2.5 hours on the way home.  I boated 5 nice keeper bass all on a 1oz Blk/Brn All-Terrain Grassmaster Jig tipped with a Green Pumpkin Super Chunk..  I was using the heavy jig so I could cover water fast, and I had several follows on the jig as well.  Most of the fish came out of the reeds and one about 4lbs off a bog point.  I was pleased with what I found in such a short time and feel confident that I can put a decent limit together in my club tournament. 
Tight Lines!

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