Make your Outdoors Dollars go Farther

Cruising some other outdoors Blogs and I came across some good info on saving money at the pump – see article.

Basically you just click on this LINK, which takes you to an MSN website where you can just enter your zip code and get all the gas stations in that area.  In Lakeville, MN where I live, there was a $0.26 range between 28 stations.  That is a lot of money when you are filling up an SUV & a Boat.  My tow vehicle takes about 20 gallons and my boat takes 40 gallons.  So lets say I pour 45 gallons between them…..  at $0.20 savings per gallon…  that would be a cool $9.00 in my pocket   It gives prices for premium & diesel as well. 

Hope this helps you all save a few bucks so you can buy more fishing lures!


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