Crystal Lake – PrePractice

My partner (John) for the Crystal Lake club tournament decided to head out on Memorial Day for a little pre-practice/fun fishing.  We fished from 6am – 2pm, we started in a shallow bay with topwater, no luck on Lucky Craft Splash-Tail or 1/4oz Buzzbait.  I then switched to a watermelon Zoom Super Fluke because of the large amount of small bluegills spawning in the shallows.  I quickly caught a nice 2lb keeper on the edge of a dock.  After that I threw a brown/purple Swim Jig, I quickly caught 2 bass and got bit off by a northern.  Through the rest of the day, most of the fish we caught were relation inside weed edges and pockets.  Some were guarding fry, couple were on beds, most were just cruising.  We also picked up a few under trees and around docks, but most fish were just along the inside edge or in a pocket.  John caught all his fish on a texas-rigged Zoom Baby Brush Hog (watermelon/red) with a small pegged sinker.  I caught fish on  LFT Ring Frys, LFT Twitch Worm (watermelon) on Shakey Head, and a LFT Craw Tube (Bull Bream).  I also had my first fish on a Pumpkin/Gold Rad Lures Chatterbait, too bad it was a small pike.  I also had a 2lb bass on that spit the hook    All in all it was a pretty solid day, caught 15 keeper bass between us with the biggest being about 4lb and most around 2lb.  I plan to practice Friday and Saturday for this Sunday’s Bassmaster Weekend Series on Le Homme Deu Chain.

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