Wrapped Boats – Great Concept!

When BASS forced its Elite Series contenders to wrap their boats & trucks, it was probably one of the best things that could have happened to tournament bass fishing.  I am sure this idea, spawned from the sponsor wrapped Rangers that the FLW uses in the final 2 cut days at their tournaments.  Why shouldn’t every Pro Angler brand themselves and their sponsors, similar to Nascar?  Click on the following link to see all the wrapped boats from this year’s Bassmaster Elite Series competitors.
Wrapped Boats 

I am sure most Nascar Fans follow their guys by both major sponsor and car number.  Soon Bass Angling Fans will know that Skeet Reese runs the Lucky Craft boat and Brent Chapman runs the GE boat, etc.  You also see many anglers picking numbers to put on their boats as well.

This is a great vehicle to increase the amount of non-endemic sponsors and dollars participating in bass fishing.  There is a lot of billboard space on a truck & boat traveling across the country as well as getting on TV during tournaments.

I think my favorite wraps are Randy Howell, Stephen Browning, Ish Monroe & Mike Reynolds.  Who are your favorites?


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