Who’s Eager for Beaver?

You know all the major bass fishing tours are in full swing when the FLW visits Beaver Lake.  It has become a tradition for the FLW Tour to visit this White River reservoir near Wal-Mart’s home in Bentonville, AR.

I have been blogging a ton about BASS, so I thought it was time to give the FLW some love.  They had a great tournament at Lake Murray.  So lets preview Beaver Lake.

For a preview of patterns, check out BassFan.com.  If you were like me and had Andre Moore pegged as your fantasy anchor, you may be in trouble.  It does not sound like it will be a sight fishing pattern this weekend.  This is an interesting tournament, usually everyone catches 6-8 lbs of spotted bass and its the guys who can add a few nice largemouth or bronzebacks to their bags and get into the 10lb range, will end up making the cut.

This tournament will probably be about schooling fish and Shakey Heads .

ICE REPORT: Lake Marion in Lakeville, MN is about 15% open water as of this morning,